Who really is our teacher?

Italian Trulli

Ok, I'm going to probably make most of You furious. But in anything that You begin anew, it is best to know what You are up against. In todays age...sorry to break it to You but especially to those who are yoked into mainstream establishments (think Mega Churches...hint, hint...)...its likely the pastors or priests are at best teaching a watered down version of the original Gospel...and at worst growing a spiritually dead Church.

In fact they are a big part of the Spiritual Crisis that has overtaken this world. If You want proof, just look around You. Look at Our Youth!... If the works of the Father is truly blossoming by way of His Teachers Note: Although recent trends say organized Churches and on the decline, consider the fact that in modern times... Churches (especially in America) have sprung up on every corner to a size that We have had more Churches today than at any other time in History!!!...then Why is it that with the great number of Churches available, We are getting worse and worse with each suceeding generation? Should it not be the inverse?, that since we would also have a greater number of teachers...would not the number of TRUE Christians also be increasing in proportion? Sadly it is not so, Instead of boldly professing Christians coming out of every corner, You find hiding peepers...deep down scared of what others might think...We can only wonder who is Christian anymore?

We cannot honestly say that the people of today are Spiritually better than those of 1000 years ago, or i'll make it easier...How about 50 years ago?

In fact, by staying equally yoked to these Laodicean churches, the odds are stacked against You that You will ever meaningfully increase Your Faith.

Church today is about money, Its about the Pastors, the Priests, and in many Churches...the Show! Dare I say, they are only glorifying Themselves. But any minister who walks in humility as Our Lord did, is just someone to be used by Our Lord to plant a seed on hopefully fertile ground which is "You". The reality is, behind the scenes, the Holy Spirit is Our true teacher.

Yes, the Words may come from pastors and priests and Yes, depending on their hearts, they can be very effective witnesses for Christ Jesus. But the One who grows that Seed in a persons heart, will explain to Us the Word that We have received, Who will guide us, and convict Us (that guilty feeling we all have) to complete repentance... is the Holy Ghost of Our Lord Jesus.

...And lets go deeper for a moment...If you are one of the ones destined to be an Elect of God...You may have even been predestined to achieve an increased level of Faith. It is a relatively unknown (and likely unpopular) fact that

It is by God's doing that You end up believing in Jesus

John 6:44 - No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me †draws him;

John 6:65 - And He said, “Therefore †I have said to you that no one can come to Me unless it has been granted to him by My Father.”

. (Friends: We many not even have a choice if We take these passages to its natural conclusion...Yeah..I know, I know, but please...again... not my words) This may be why there are many who try to walk the Christian faith but cannot seem to do it.

But Our life is like a movie that Father God has seen. Therefore for every person that has walked this earth He knows the ending. Of course, We don't know how Our movie ends.

...But take courage Brothers and Sisters...While the Father allows...We have this day...and We have free will to listen to Our real Teacher...and with God's grace allow Us to be one of His Elect.