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Song: Jesus On My Mind

Ever thought about Jesus and wanted to be like Him? Listen to this...

The New Testaments · Jesus On My Mind

Song: Victory

A song about You!...the Overcomer.

The New Testaments · Victory

Song: Few are chosen

"Many are lost to the world"

The New Testaments · Few are chosen

Song: Uplift Song Playlist

A collection of songs to uplift the Spirit.

The New Testaments · Uplift Song Playlist

Song: John 14:6

Sing along with this uplifting tune!

The New Testaments · John 14:6

Song: Heaven Bound

"A butterfly I see making a change"

The New Testaments · Heaven Bound

Song: Days of Battle

Our daily struggle

The New Testaments · Days of Battle

Song: New Jerusalem

Sing to Our future home

The New Testaments · New Jerusalem

Song: Give Me the Word

Our daily bread

The New Testaments · Give Me the Word


For New Christians

The Journey of the Christian Faith is like a thousand mile walk that begins with a single step

The coming World Government

The world goverment is the precursor to the arrival of the Anti-Christ. Are You ready?