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The Strait Gate is a passage from the gospel of Luke only found in the Original King James Version (You might want to read why certain words and passages have been removed here). Verse 13:24 to be exact. Shortly after being born again in 2015, the Holy Spirit put this passage into my heart to understand how narrow the gate truly is and how hard it is to find. What is even more incredible is that when You do find it, You then realize You cant go through it. It is then I started to realize that most people will never even get the chance to make the decision to go through the narrow gate because they dont know what it is and how to find it.

Strait Gate is about helping point the way to this difficult road that is TRUE Christianity and everything that goes with it. Unlike most Churches and Pastors...We will never claim to save anyone...Only the Holy Spirit can do that...if God grants it and You agree with it.

It is a grave tragedy that the modern mainstream churches have abandoned the original gospel and have become nothing more than businesses using the Lord Jesus as a front. The result being a tragic backslidden world that has No Clue why the world is going the way its going. Never realizing that with the great number of Churches available today, if the works of these mainstream Church businesses were truly ordained by the Almighty Father...then Why are Christians becoming less and less visible.

The sad truth is...for love of Money these business houses have watered down the Word and therefore its message is rendered useless to its flock.

We are in a backslidden world...there is no going back...there is only reaching those few "With Ears to Hear"...To find, fellowship and exhort the current and future Elect.

Who Am I?

TNT Ministry Member

My Name is George. A born again Christian as of early March 2015. On Friday September 17, 2021 at 6am CST, I was called for preparation into ministry by My Lord. At first I didnt know how to take this command. In all transparency, I didnt think I was qualified. I have no accolades, no titles.

You see, I was untrained in the Word and had no background in ministry. Neither did I believe i could be a writer. I'm just your average everyday American. But I can only say that since that morning, the Father has established my journey as a New Christian in a forward motion. This in turn has increased my Faith to a degree i never thought i could reach. But with My Father God..."All things are possible"