What if Jesus started his Ministry today?

What if Jesus started his Ministry today?

I've often wondered what would Jesus be like if He started His ministry in Our day. The modern times. Would He have the same personality as He did two thousand years ago. Would He be popular today? What foods would He like? And how would His ministry start and end? Would he have long hair?

Here is a picture of what I believe Jesus impact on Earth would look like if He were alive in physical form today doing His ministry.

My assumptions with this "What if" scenario is

  • His public ministry starts in Israel
  • He starts his ministry at around 30 years of age
  • He is an Israeli Jew.

Jesus would be alone yet not alone

The world might consider Jesus a loner. Jesus, knowing His ministry and destiny over time, would prepare Himself more and more as the years passed by through prayer and fasting. He would feel the divide growing within Himself and the world knowing that His Holy principles are against the world system. Although He is not alone and at peace through the company of the Holy Spirit, he is alone in human relationships in the natural world, as He understands that His message is alien to this world, and that there will be few who find it.

Jesus would still be hated

As Jesus public ministry begins, His ground breaking message of the Gospel would capture the attention and imagination of Many. First in Israel, then through the power of social media, the World. However, because the true message of the Gospel is a difficult road to follow, coupled with Jesus bold and outspoken nature against the ills of society, He would eventually make Himself public enemy number one. Jesus wouldnt be able to help Himself, as He is led by the Holy Spirit, therefore He is of the truth, and as we all know, the truth often offends. He would have no tolerance for the ever increasing wickedness of our times. He would not "get Us"...instead, His heart would ache that We "get Him".

He would be considered a "whistle blower", always pointing the finger and He would be considered politically incorrect by the masses. Depending on the time of His modern day ministry, His message could be so offensive that only a remnant would be able to edure and accept His message. Just like what happened to John the baptist, Jeremiah, Elijah and Ezekiel, the world would consider Him crazy.

The world would accuse Jesus of mental illness

Just as it was 2000 years ago, modern day Jesus claim to be God on Earth would draw the greatest ire from the world system. The rabbi's of course would lead the charge to ridicule Our Lord and have a field day with this claim from Jesus. Other religious systems would of course join to try and discredit Jesus. ...and of course the mainstream media will be in full swing. News headlines would read "Israeli Man thinks He is God", "Jesus...is He mentally stable?".

Jesus would be De-Platformed

He would probably not be a fan of social media...Although He knows its benefits, He would feel it does more harm than good. He knows His message is for His Elect, the ones who have the ears to hear. He understands the selective nature of the Gospel. He knows the dangers of giving what is Holy to the Dogs. He would be very vocal against draconian and clandestine operations such as vaccine mandates, the mindless climate change, the obsessive fear mongering, targeted race wars, and comprehensive division caused by the mainstream media and its owners. He would likely make appearances on conservative platforms to spread His message of the Gospel. As His popularity grows, He would draw the wrath of the local and regional political landscape. They would try to destroy His name at every turn...using the monopoly of the information ecosystem. Therefore He would clandestinely be deplatformed by conspiring entities (Facebook, TicTok, Twitter and Youtube...etc) that work together in the world system.

He would be branded as a "Terrorist"

He would be labeled a conspiracy theorist by the news and mainstream media. Even though He would NEVER advocate violence and always strive for the True Spritual Peace, He would be branded a terrorist. His funds would be cut off from the major banking systems as well as internet based funding entities such as Paypal and GoFundMe. Anyone who contributes money to Him would also be branded as a terrorist, even though the majority of His contributors would be poor and have no power in this world.

Jesus would be at odds with His family

Because Jesus is by default called out of this world...As His ministry starts to increase, He will find himself at great odds with His Family and relatives who are still in the world system. They would distance themselves from Him as He gains more reknown and His message of the Gospel spreads throughout Israel. His Family especially those with lucrative careers and businesses will distance themselves from Him for fear of their livelihood. Estranged from His Family and relatives, Jesus goes from place to place without a formal home in order to avoid capture before His ministry is fulfilled.

Jesus would die suddenly

Because His ministry would first be towards His people, the Jews, He would likely be on the attack on the powerful rabbi's of today from all over the world. Publicly calling out the corrupt politicians and the spiritual deadness of His people, His offense would reach critical mass. As it was 2000 years ago, there would be a remnant few who would find a home with His message of the Gospel. But as for the majority, there would be a silent outcry to silence Him. Because we live in modern times, the thought of a public crusifiction would never be tolerated by the public. Therefore, as is the ways of todays world, any opposition to the world system would have to be eliminated quietly with deception. This is where control of the news, social media, the internet, and television would come into play. The concerted efforts of various organizations and business entities coming together to eliminate the voice of Jesus.

It might look something like this... Jesus, before a major speech, talk show appearance or vlog on bitchute (not on Youtube of course because He would have already been de-platformed) would be on the radar of the powers that be, and before He makes that apprearance We would hear news of His death by some plane crash or car crash. "They" could of course to decide to cut Him off by way of natural means such as heart attack, cancer, or how about food poisoning?... All this, the mainstream media would expect Us to believe, even though He is only 33 years old, in fairly good shape, and no medical history of ailments. However things backfire for the Elites of this world, as even worldly conspiracy theorists start to understand that there was injustice done to this man who only wanted to make a change in the world based on truth rather than the lies that have become common in our world today. Some of His detractors have now come to His defense.

He would be the first Martyr

His death would cause a stir as a news leak from the receiving mortuary is revealed that Jesus body never arrived and is suddenly missing. Jesus closest disciples would spread this news. His death would cause a worldwide outcry started by His remnant believers, as some souls in this lost and dying world starts to understand that maybe there is truth in His message, and they start to believe the good news of the Gospel. Even some of His Family and relatives, who once doubted Jesus, has now become His most ardent proponents. The martydom of Jesus would, slowly but surely, give birth to a peculiar people. The Christians, start to emerge as the salt of the earth. ...And the mustard seed, is now starting to grow into that tree that everyone in the world who has "Ears to Hear" will rest upon.