It all starts with this one word...

it all starts with Repentance

Yes, it really is that simple (yet difficult). This simple word is the beginnings of Our Faith. The word "Repent" was

the very first word

Matthew 4:17 - From that time Jesus began to preach and to say, †“Repent, for the kingdom of heaven cis at hand.”

that was uttered by Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ at the start of his ministry. This symbolic word set the tone for the rest of His ministry. This word "Repent" is the foundation by which faith can begin. Without it, being saved nothing but a desire...a wish if You will.

Today this word is rarely the focus of modern day ministry, as much of mainstream Christianity has become a business...of course the root motivation of all forms of business is...You guessed it..."Money". To keep that money coming in, these businesses whether by intent or ignorance, have subliminally watered down the gospel...with hopes of not offending anyone or to avoid being "Politically Incorrect".

Well guess what...Our Lord Jesus continually offended any and everyone who had NO "Ears to Hear". If fact his offensive messages got Him killed (altough we can argue that this was the plan all along in order to fulfill the scriptures).

The expensive price of true Christianity

You see...repentance is by its very nature offensive because it digs personally into our inner thoughts and fears. If You follow it to its true intent by Our could mean this frightful conclusion...that you have to give up something that You love but deep down You know is wrong.

To some of us, especially those rooted in the World system, it could be very costly. This is why Our Lord advised Us to "Count the Cost".

Each one of Us is born with a specific weakness that to some...has been a lifelong torment. Whether, it's alcoholism, drug abuse, adultery, lying, stealing, covetousness, homosexuality...these sins are unique to each individual.

No matter the Sin, this one fact is true, You must "Repent" (and that means every sin including Hidden ones that some unfortunately take to their grave) in order to recieve the Holy Spirit and begin a journey of a thousand miles...Repentance is the precursor of being born again. ...and without being born again a person cannot become a new creation of God.

It is a great irony that most people at some point in their life has had thoughts and desires of eternal life however few are prepared to pay the price (hint: Repentance). ... becoming a true Christian comes at a price...

...So how about you Friend...are you willing to count the cost?