How will Christians survive during the time of the AntiChrist?

Antichrist persecution Christians

Many people, especially Christians understandably have concerns over what will happen to them during the time of the coming world ruler, AKA the antiChrist. As Christians, We should know that the world goverment MUST be in place before the antiChrist can make his appearance (Daniel 7). It seems as if, the groundwork, the technology and the spiritual state of humanity must be in place before He will be allowed to make His grand entrance. But will it really get that bad?....Well... The bible says, Yes. Many people will perish during this time (non Christian and yes... even Christians) and the whole world will come into testing during the tribulation. ...but You know what? The good news is that there is a way for Peace and strength even through the end of the great tribulation! ...and that way to peace is "JESUS".

You and Your Family's survival will depend on Jesus!

Jesus mentioned that the world will come under testing during the tribulation period. The survival of the believers (or the Holy People) may not have anything to do with material provisions but it has everything to do with the "PEACE" that you can only get from our Lord Jesus. It is His peace that will allow us to stand where others fall, where we can have strength where there is weakness all around us. This peace that comes from Jesus will be a magnet for those who suffer during the time of the One World Government. It will be an opportunity to give testimony of the power of God, still alive, in a dying world. In Hosea, there is a passage that the word of God will be so rare, that people will travel great distances just to hear it. In other words, there will be famine of the Word of God. This is why those who aspire to become one of Jesus soldiers, must build himself up now, while there is time, so You can be a beacon of light to all who seek to get away from darkness.

The Elect (AKA...Christians) well off during the Tribulation? Really?

Of course, Father God, can do as He wishes, and may appoint You to have material provisions as well as the Spiritual provisions in order to Help other Christians who are suffering during the time of the antiChristic world system. This is why, We must pray and seek His counsel daily, So He can prepare You for whatever task that He has appointed for You. In Daniel, it specifically states that the Holy people of God, ("The Elect", "The Christians") will carry out "Great Exploits". In Daniel 11, it also speaks about the Holy People of God being plundered. This is significant because this means that God's people will NOT be without food, clothing or shelter. But I surmise, the people of God, will be so well provisioned, that the AntiChrist will even take notice that the Holy People have things worthy of stealing! So, folks, rest in assurance that God takes care of His own.

...Just Like the Early Christians

With the world system forcing out Christians, it will be highly probable that Christians will have to live in the outskirts of society. We will be treated with hostility and contempt. The only recourse is to live outside the 15 minute cities, that the elites have planned for the world citizenry. Christians will not be able to buy or sell in the world economy during this time period because, the Elect will NEVER take the mark. Therefore, the way to survival during this time will be as it was during the early days of Christianity. Christians will share and assist each other. Acts 2: 44-47 - 44 Now all who believed were together, and †had all things in common, 45 and sold their possessions and goods, and †divided them among all, as anyone had need. 46†So continuing daily with one accord †in the temple, and †breaking bread from house to house, they ate their food with gladness and simplicity of heart, 47 praising God and having favor with all the people.

Friends, Our money is not Ours...Father God owns all things. If We think We are in control We decieve ourselves...But if we lean on His understanding...He will guide Us to true riches.

The Peace of Jesus

Yes, Father God will provide for His Children during the time of the AntiChrist system, both materially and most importantly Spiritually. It is peace that enabled Jesus to face His death on the cross. It is this same peace that He will give to His Elect during this the tribulation. Can You imagine the horrors the world will face in the coming years? Wormwood asteroid hurtling towards Earth, the world wars, the global economic collapse, pestilences more horrific than covid, then of course the coming mark of the beast. How can one endure such suffering? How can one maintain sanity with one peril rapidly occuring after another? The answer again is the Peace of Jesus.

Do Not fear the World

Friends, the world will do what it will do. We cannot stop it. Father God has appointed and delivered the World into the hands of the adversary for a season of time. So lets not worry about it...but instead focus on Faith. But know that, Faith and Peace are inextricably linked. This is why we must build our Faith NOW, while there is time. It is like a muscle that takes time to build. The stronger the Faith the stronger the Peace, the weaker the Faith the weaker the peace. We will also find that if Our peace has weakened, You can be rest assured that Your faith has also been weakened. As Christians, We do not know how Father God intends our ultimate fate. We can only pray that we have the strength to face it. If it is appointed for You to be a minister for Jesus during that time, then He will equip you with the necessary tools to finish Your job. If it is appointed for You to be martyred during the tribulation then pray that You have the faith and peace to accept this destiny. And if Martyrdom is in Your destiny, then know that it is the highest of honors in the eyes of Father God and the Lord Jesus. Therefore do not fear the world system or the antiChrist and what they will do. Instead, we should fear the failure of Faith.

Friends, We are all taking the same test. The test to see if You qualify for eternal life in New Jerusalem

...May The peace of the Lord Jesus be with Us all.