Fear and Anxiety is Sin

Fear and Anxiety is Sin

Fear is sin? Is that just hyperbole? Or is there something more, a hidden underlying meaning. But first lets get something straight...there is a common sense fear that is built into every person that walks this earth. Fear of getting burned by fire, or drowning, or falling off a building are natural responses to preserve life. What We are talking about here is an irrational and constant anxiety or fear as a way of life. We can possibly see why fear is such a bad thing for a Christian when we consider its opposite...Faith. Faith is the greatest word in the Christian vernacular. To a Christian, without Faith, You have nothing in the Lord Jesus or God the Father for that matter.

There is no fear in trust

To Our Father and Our Lord Jesus, faith and trust is everything.

The root problem of NO faith, is NO trust. This lack of trust in turn facilitates a breeding ground for fear. I know in todays society, fear has become a sort of porn I guess, that it has been coined "Fear Porn". But in all seriousness, fear is so bad...Look at what Our Lord says about it...

Revelation 21:8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

In the above passage, notice that Fear is right up there with murderers and whoremonger (sexually immoral). This is scary because, We may not all be murderers or sexually immoral but, We have all feared at some point in our lives...but this shows how much weight the word Fear carries ...Its grand meaning can be seen as a lack of trust in Father God. It would be like You finding out that Your friend considered You not to be trusted. It is obviously, insulting and will create division in a relationship. The Father, The Almighty God, The creator of the Universe...with all power and wisdom..."Not Trusted"! How do You think He would feel?... knowing One of his creations has the gall to accuse Him of not being honorable. Is it any wonder that the Lake of Fire awaits to those who live their lives in constant fear?

Fear has 2 faces

When it comes to fear, It seems the Bible gives us 2 different perspectives and therefore it is easy to confuse their context. If we are talking about another Man or Woman, we are NOT to fear them. If we are talking about the cares of this life, we are NOT to fear that as well. If there are storms and disasters, then we have to do Our best NOT to fear. The only exception when it comes to fear is if We are talking about God, and if so, then, Yes, We fear Him. Although, It may not be in the terms of a terrorizing fear that we might come to expect, but more of a reverential fear, more or less based on respect, trust and of course Faith.

Faith is indirectly proportional to Fear

When we walk in Faith, depending on the level of Faith, fear becomes less of a factor. You might even say its indirectly proportional. As one rises the other goes down. This is why it doesnt make sense when You see a Christian that is fearful, because it goes against the foundations of the Faith. To have faith in the Lord Jesus is to have his assurance and protection of Our spiritual and natural well being...therefore there is NOTHING to fear. On the other hand if You dont have faith or Your faith is LOW in the Lord Jesus then rest assured You are walking in un-belief and an open target of fearful anxieties. ...a breeding ground for Sin.