How do I know I'm Saved?

Italian Trulli

Getting "Saved" is just the first step in Your one thousand mile walk. The challenge You will have is staying on that walk. For the road will be filled with pitfalls and distractions to knock You off course. You see "Saved" is a continuous state. It is only as good as Your current Walk. Yes, You heard that right...

You can lose Your salvation!

Hebrews 6:4-8 - For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened, and have tasted †the heavenly gift...if they fall away, to renew them again to repentance, ...but if it bears thorns and briers, it is rejected and near to being cursed, whose end is to be burned.

Sorry to break it to You "Hyper-Grace" adherents or "Once saved always saved" false teaching thats all over the place in mainstream Christianity.

Depending on Your age...Your pitfall could be different. An unexpected ailment, a breakup in a relationship, financial problems, or even being bullied at school. Each trial can be seen as a test in our endurance in the Faith. For some of Us, even one test could serve as a deathblow to Our Faith...for Others that same test is a stepping stone to increased Faith, Peace and even greater tests. A Pastor friend of Mine Once said to Me "A faith that is not tested, cannot be trusted", I have since found these words to be impactful and true.

But how can You quantify "Saved" ? To the New in Faith, it is just as nebulous as the word "Faith". My Friend, I hate to be nebulous, but "Saved" is one of those mysteries in the spirit that will only be revealed to You as You progress in Faith. Basically, as You mature as a Christian, You will know where You are in Your heart.

So the big question some of You will ask is, "How do I know I'm maturing in Faith??? ...That I'm on the right track???"

Good Question...Let me explain, below are some signs to look for that will help You discern if You are walking in Faith:

  • For one, Sinning becomes less and less and righteousness becomes more and more.
  • You start to dislike certain things that was such a big part of You. (You liked to go out drinking and partying, Now? not so much. You have a foul mouth, now It hurts to hear those same words you habitually used. Your having an affair with someone, now You feel guilt and shame. We can go on and on...)
  • You will start to be at odds with people...(and depending on Your journey with the Lord, it may get to the point where people might actually NOT like You, Oh Yes!..."count the cost" when You start this journey)
  • You will feel guilty when You do something that You know is NOT right (the conviction in the Heart that the Holy Spirit will give You )
  • You will have a hunger to read the Bible with greater frequency with the intention to better know about Our Lord and Father God.
  • You will become bold in Your Faith. (this means You going Out and tell others OPENLY about Your Christian Faith!!!)
  • You will be at greater Peace (As We mention many times at SG...Increased Faith means increased peace)
  • Fear will be almost Non Existent if not totally extinguished (As We mention many times at SG...Increased peace means decreased fear)

So is there a best and singular answer to "How do I know I'm saved"? Well the best answer is unfortunately only a nebulous one at best...but I can only tell You

..."You will Know it!"